While Pratik Infratech continues to create world-class infrastructure throughout Raipur, it has not lost sight of its responsibilities as a change agent for accelerating the pace of social and economic transformation across various segments to complement the efforts of the government.

Pratik Infratech Labour Hutment

While all the big developers focus only on providing world-class facilities to their buyers Pratik Infratech carried its social responsibility initiatives to the construction work sites in Raipur once it started construction of the Pratik Infratech Township. At Pratik Infratech it was felt that even though there had been tremendous improvement in construction technology and quality it was distressing to note that the people who actually make all the glitzy buildings were a neglected lot and often required to do so in inhuman conditions. The sight of construction workers and their children living in jhuggies without even the basic facilities at most of the construction sites is not uncommon. At Pratik Infratech it was their constant endeavor to improve the living conditions of their construction workers by providing them all the basic necessities at the site itself by efficient and effective space management. It was decided that before commencement of the construction a suitable location be identified on site for construction of hutments to house the workforce for the entire duration of the project. Instead of constructing makeshift or temporary accommodation Pratik Infratech sanctioned hefty budgets to build a mix of cemented hutments and dormitories for the workers. All the residential accommodation at the Pratik Infratech labour hutment site is provided with electricity, water, fans, beds and linen and separate areas have been provided for toilets and washing. In order to take care of the children of the workers mobile crèches have been made available on site through a strate. A subsidized canteen manned by a third party has also been made available on site to ensure hygienic and good quality food on site. Medical help is available on site along with a 24-hour ambulance to take care of emergencies.

Vocational training centres

As part of its strategy to train and empower people with permanent skills thereby enabling them to earn their livelihood for times to come Pratik Infratech has set up job linked vocational training centres in Hospitality, Customer Relations and Sales and IT enabled services. These training centres have been equipped with all necessary training infrastructures from computer labs to headphones and LCD projectors.

CSR initiatives

Challenges faced while initiating CSR initiatives Designing, developing and executing standard uniform facilities and guidelines at all construction sites. Securing participation of the entire community on account of Inter caste politics operating in the villages Securing participation of girl child in the education programs on account of lack of awareness and indifference to education of the girl child.

Employees volunteering programme

Before undertaking any CSR initiative in a region, the concerned employees in that region are contacted to understand the need of the area and CSR programmes are developed keeping in mind the identified need. Employees are further involved in monitoring of programmes to ensure effective delivery.

In the present financial year Pratik Infratech is initiating a donation programme wherein the employees will contribute and donate old clothes and other household articles for the construction workers and their families employed at Pratik Infratech construction sites.

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